Community votes no to Mountfield “Palace” plans

In one of the biggest turnouts in Mountfield Parish Council’s history, the Council unanimously voted at a special meeting against a proposed “palace” in a historic area of outstanding natural beauty.

Attended by nearly 70 local residents, who battled deep snow and ice, villagers complained there had been no notice or consultation before the plans were submitted.

Residents complained the plans were vulgar, on a green field site, against policy and would destroy the treasured area forever at a meeting overtly hostile to the developer who chose not to turn up.

The Council told irate villagers that Rother District Council had given a guarantee that claims by the developer that a deal had already been done with the planning authorities, were untrue.  Residents were assured due process would be followed.

When faced with angry comments that the developer and his family were living in multiple dwellings on the site without permission, the Council admitted that the District Council enforcement unit was investigating the situation.

There was also huge resentment to the plans by the developer to move a public footpath a huge distance away from the “best views in the village”.

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2 Responses to Community votes no to Mountfield “Palace” plans

  1. Peter last says:

    The council and everyone concerned cannot let this development happen!! Currently I do not live in the village however the rest of my family do, ( I will be back in the near future) I class myself as a villager as both my brother and I were born and bread in Mountfield less than a stones throw from the proposed site at Brickyard Cottages. My father and all his brothers and sisters were also born, bread and lived in Mountfield all their lives, so I feel I qualify to comment on this ridiculous proposal!! How on earth has it got this far in the planning? Sounds very fishy to me that someone from Rother District Is acting unprofessionally and illegally. Has everyone involved from the council completed their training and assessment reference ‘The Bribery Act’? I’m not accusing just asking. Many years ago Southern Water were looking at expanding the reservoir but ended their attempts because the infrastructure was not good enough and that particular area where these proposed plans were housed some rare animals and plants, has this changed? I suspect not so how is it that Rother District Council now feel compelled to let this happen when years ago they were against any expansion because the roads werent good enough and it would spoil an area of outstanding beauty. Air Vice Marshall Martindale lead a campaign and had Southern Water tied because of the rarity of the wildlife and plant/trees that were there. Someone needs to obtain this info from him, not sure where he lives now but if he is still alive he would definitely be worth consulting. I am certain there is some rare trees there that have TPO’s on them, and I know that that area is one of the only areas in GB that has ultra rare puff adder snakes. What measures are in place to protect them? I cannot believe this has got this far! Everyone must stick together and ensure that no further steps are taken!! If this is allowed to go through the next step will be Centre Parcs buying it out!! No No No!!!

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