Avalanche of comments

Over 150 comments, nearly all of them objections, are currently registered on the Rother web site.  This includes 18 objections from organizations and official bodies.

The Rother District Council has not yet made a decision, and the application is not listed on the Planning Committee agenda for 14th February (Agenda, Details).  Watch this space.

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2 Responses to Avalanche of comments

  1. Elinor Line says:

    Good Luck to all campaigners!

  2. Susan O'Sullivan says:

    The report prepared for Mr Duggleby by Richard K Morriss & Associates, Historic Building Consultants – Birchford and Baldwins Farm, an archaeological and historical assessment – contains several references to a photograph of a pair of mid-19th century brick cottages at Birchford. The photograph can be seen in the book ‘Mountfield Meanderings’, ( Jones P.A., 2000) however, the photograph is not of Birchford Cottages but of Taylor’s Cottage, which survives and is on Kent Lane. Comparison of the distinctive chimney of Taylor’s (with its Tudor bricks and additions) with the photograph show the photo to be wrongly attributed.

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