East Sussex County Council objects to proposed footpath diversion at Baldwins Farm

The East Sussex “Rights of way officer” has put in a detailed objection to the proposed footpath diversion.

It should be noted that prior to the present application, a possible diversion has been discussed informally with the applicant.  However, we find that the advice provided at that time has not shaped the current proposal.  It is also important to note that the proposal discussed at that time was not associated with the development of the manor house now being proposed.  As such we regard the current plans as a new proposal requiring fresh consideration.

However, the proposed diversion takes the path approximately 250 metres from the existng route and in our view exceeds what can be argued as necessary to allow the development to proceed.  We therefore find that the objections submitted on the basis that the application is disproportionate to the development are valid.

Inasmuch as the elevation of the existing path provides more extensive views than those available on the proposed route the County Council is aso concerned that the current proposal does not provide a suitable alternative to the existing path….

…  In light of the above considerations and the objections already submitted to the footpath diversion, this Council objects to the proposal as submitted.

Rights of Way Access Officer

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