Edlins Farm Bungalow – appeal to planning inspectorate

This refers to the proposal to build a 3-bedroom bungalow (described as a farmhouse) at Edlins Farm, Mountfield Lane.  If you don’t wish to see a bungalow built here then you need to make your views known to the Planning Inspectorate by 17th May.  Details of how to do so are given below.

There were two planning applications in 2012 for this bungalow.  The first one, reference RR/2012/711/P, was refused by Rother District Council on 23 May 2012.  There was then a second application, reference RR/2012/1385/P, which was also refused, on 31 August 2012.  The only significant difference between the two applications was that the proposed bungalow had been re-positioned within the plot.

The applicant has appealed against the refusal of the second application.  The appeal will be heard by a Planning Inspector who is independent from Rother District Council.

All comments that were submitted to Rother about the second bungalow application will automatically be forwarded to the Planning Inspector and considered at the appeal.  A list of such comments can be seen on the Rother Planning website by going here and clicking on “View documents”).

However, comments that were submitted to Rother about the first bungalow application will not be seen by the Planning Inspector.

We are therefore asking for as many people as possible to submit comments on the appeal.  This has to be done by going direct to the Planning Appeals page at https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?CaseID=2193171&CoID=0 and not via the Rother web site.  On the planning appeals page click on the first of the two “Comment on this case” links (they are both near the bottom).  NB The answer to the “In what capacity….” question is “Interested party / person”.

The closing date for comments is 17 May and the cut-off is strict; comments after that date will be ignored.  So please do it now.

The main arguments that you may wish to use (but please express them in your own words) are:

  • the proposed bungalow will have a highly damaging effect on the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • the applicant was given 3 years by Rother (from December 2009) to demonstrate a viable agricultural business at Edlins Farm, and totally failed to do so.  Hens were only introduced in significant numbers in May 2011 and have not been seen since Summer 2012.  The idea that there was a significant contribution from selling eggs at the farm gate is ludicrous
  • sporadic building development in this area will cumulatively damage the rural tourism industry which it is one of Rother’s objectives to support
  • anything else that you can say from personal knowledge/observation
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