New planning application for stables along Kent Lane

This application is described as “Dens Wood – land at, Kent Lane, Hollingrove, Brightling” but this is a bit confusing as it is not near Dens Wood but actually due south of Seven Acre Wood.  The location can be seen on the map below.

If you do not want to see building and car parking on this currently unspoilt site, please submit a comment to Rother District Council – details are given below.  The cut-off date for submitting comments is 30th May 2013 but we have found that it is a good idea to submit comments as early as possible in the process.

The planning application reference is RR/2013/836/P.  Click here to view and comment on the application on Rother’s web site.

The site is an isolated single field, unconnected with any dwelling, in a beautiful area that is currently totally undeveloped and unspoilt.

It is worth noting that the application includes not just the stable building, but also parking for two cars and a large concrete slab. Darwell Area Conservation Society believes that these will be at least as damaging to the AONB as the stabling, if not more so.  There will also be external lighting in an area that currently does not suffer from light pollution.

A previous application in 2012 for stables on the same site attracted 11 objections from members of the public as well as from the High Weald AONB unit and two parish councils.

The building in the 2013 application is basically the same as the previous one – there is a minuscule reduction in height and depth. It is just the positioning within the site that has changed.  It is very hard to see how this repositioning can make such a difference as to make the proposal acceptable.  Anywhere in this field will be highly visible both from the lane and from the public footpath which runs diagonally across the field.

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