Baldwins Farm – DACS urges fresh round of objections

As mentioned in our previous post, the Baldwins Farm planning application has been substantially revised.

DACS is urging everyone to put in an objection, even if you have already put in an objection to the previous version of this application.  The reason is that otherwise the applicant may try and claim that the lack of fresh objections shows that his proposal is more acceptable.

Objections can be submitted via the Rother web page (click “Comment on this application”) or by emailing quoting reference RR/2012/2343/P.  NB The Rother page says that the closing date for objections is 25th January 2013: this date can safely be ignored – objections will be accepted until at least 4th October.

The main points for objecting are:

Proposal for a new “mansion”
  • This is a greenfield site in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where Rother District Council’s planning policy explicitly says that new house development will not be allowed
  • It does not qualify under Section 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework as a building of exceptional quality or of innovative design which significantly enhances its immediate setting, and therefore should not be allowed to be built in an isolated location in the countryside
  • It would be visible from miles around and would be detrimental to the beauty and character of the High Weald AONB.  (The house would be the same height as the previous application although it will be slightly less wide.)
  • There is no business or planning justification for building a new house for the owner of a rural business, in addition to the existing farm house.
Proposal to move the footpath
  • The applicant now states that the reason for moving the footpath is not due to it being in the way of the proposed new house, but to do with security and the threat of dog attacks on his livestock.
  • This means that the application to move the footpath should be made separately under section 119 of the Highways Act 1980 and not under the planning system.
  • Almost all footpaths in the UK go across farmland much of which will go near livestock which does not create a problem
  • The proposed diversion is disproportionate and detrimental to the public access to and enjoyment of the AONB

Your objection will be most effective if you express the above in your own words.  Objections can easily be submitted on-line (click here to object via the Rother web site and then click “Comment on this application) alternatively you can email your objection to – emailing is good if you want to submit something long, or nicely formattted, or containing pictures.

Here is a reminder of why you might wish to object!:


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