“Land at Dens Wood” (stables along Kent Lane) – 2nd planning appeal rejected

A second appeal against refusal of planning permission on this site has been refused by the Planning Inspectorate. The application was for a large stable block on the site shown in the map below.

Click here for full text of the inspector’s ruling

This was the second planning application for building of a stable block on the site.

The first application was turned down by Rother District Council on 14th March 2013. The applicant appealed against this refusal; the appeal was dismissed on 12th December 2013.

Meanwhile the applicant made a second, almost identical application and this was refused by Rother District Council on 20th June 2013; it is this second application that has now also been refused at appeal.

At around the time of the refusal of the second planning application, the applicant went ahead anyway and constructed a small set of stables, a yard and car park. None of this development has planning permission.

As two appeals have now been unsuccessful, DACS urges Rother District Council to take enforcement action against the smaller building that has been constructed without permission.

For full planning history at this site, click here.

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