Comments made to Rother District Council (as at 5 Feb 2013)

This page provides an index of the comments already received by Rother at 15 Jan 2013.  Help with submitting your own comment to Rother.

Comments from organisations

County archaeologist (holding letter) (14 December 2012)
Forestry commission (17 Dec 2012)
Southern Water (19 Dec 2012)
Open Spaces society (20 Dec 2012)
Ramblers Association (2 Jan 2013)
Sussex Wealdmen (2 Jan 2013)
Ramblers – Battle branch (4 Jan 2013)
High Weald AoNB unit (9 Jan 2013)
Natural England (9 Jan 2013)
RSPB (14 Jan 2013)
Enviroment Agency (22 Jan 2013)
CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) (23 Jan 2013)
Brightling Parish Council (23 Jan 2013)
Open Spaces Society (23 Jan 2013)
The Woodland Trust (28 Jan 2013)
Garden of England Cottages (29 Jan 2013)
Mountfield Parish Council (31 Jan 2013)
Ashburnham and Penhurst Parish Council (4 Feb 2013)
East Sussex County Council Rights of Way Officer (7 Feb 2013)

Comments from individuals

Chris Lever “monstrous”
Tim Wheatley “serious and detailed objections”
Mr and Mrs CA Simmondsabsolutely criminal
Mr T DesoutterThe plans appear to wish to bring another part of Surrey to this gentle back water”
Lucinda Frasernot in keeping with the Weald”
Christine Wingwill detract from the character and appearance of the locality
John Barrsquite inappropriate…totally out of keeping
Mrs VB Akermanwill dominate the landscape”
Mr O Wedmorewould be a large blot on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Archie QuinnBuilding work to be carried out on a greenfield site”
Archie Quinn “Site can be seen from public highway/footpath”
Mr and Mrs R Howell “proposed buildings…bear no relation to any other buildings in the area and are completely out of ‘Sussex’ character”
Jo Prosser “such visible new buildings would seem to detract from this very significantly”
Dr and Mrs D Rodgers
Mrs S Moir
William Parfitt
Stanley J Evans
Anthony Coates
Katie Wyatt
Miss Michelle Bage
Katherine Creamer
Deanne Thomas
Graham Wincup
Caroline Gleave
Mr RA Burke
Victoria Fraser
Mr J Fraser
Mr J Longley
Mr W Parfitt
Mrs PA Burke
Mr I Castello-Cortes
Leander Payne
Lord and Lady Cameron of Lochbroom
Mrs S Green
Mr & Mrs Sharp
Alan Cane
Tabitha Fraser
Becca Mackay
Philip & Lana Goulding
S J Bryant
Geoffrey Robinson
Antonia Eriksson
David Sheppard
Robert Fraser
Lewis Marshall
Mrs Judy Petty
Peter Birchall
Mary Downing
Barbara Downing
Jacqueline Spriggs
Simon Fraser
Maxine Gray
Kevin Gray
William Thomas John Day
Nicola Magill
Dawn Sturges
David & Kirsty Todd
Steve Ekins
Claire Casselden
Quentin Smith
Mr & Mrs A Mays-Smith
Laura Harman
Magnus Eriksson
Althaea Berthon
Mr A G Chichester
Mr R Burfoot
RL Ward
Mrs J Giles
Mr M Wyatt
Caroline Wedmore
Victoria Fraser
Mr and Mrs R Keeler
Mr D Booth
Amy Ely
Kate Mannion
J Ryan
Mr Stephen Hollamby
David Gyngell
Barbara Dodd
Jill Gyngell
Mr SP Turner
Julienne Attwood
Mrs S O’Sullivan
Mr DA Sturges
Charles Everett
Mrs V Everett
Evelyn Wagstaff
John Giles
Melanie & Somerset Willis-Fleming
Iona Fleming
S Pickard
Neil and Jane Tritton
Linda Bass
Lucy Bello
Christine Fraser
Dr B J Fitzgerald
Derek Morgan
Janette Morgan
Mick & Emma Wright
Mr R.Bailey
Robin Harris
R. S. Clymo
Sarah Brown
Stephen Rickman-Smith
Neil and Jackie Whines
Malcolm McDonnell
Eleanor Edgar
Paul Vernon
Miss Serena L W Puxty
Henrietta Wedmore
J Baker
Ms Y F W Puxty
Miss D L W Puxty
Miss Shauna L W Puxty
James Creamer
A Pettit
Michael Kent
R Baker
Henry and Angela Fawcett
Richard Malewicz
Marion Pocock
Cynthia and John Donald
Glen Gurden
Matt Hoad
Nick Standen
Phillippa Besant
Melanie Woollcombe
Fiona and Brian Gregory
Mrs R Willis
Gerald Last
Alan Quinn
Bethany Winter
Stan Quinn
Cuthbert Rumbold
Mr & Mrs McNulty
Wendy and Michael Mayers
Mr A Wedmore
Mr C Harmer
Mr J Harmer
Mr B O’Sullivan
Elinor and Matthew Line
Peter and Valerie Miles
Mr J Snuggs


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