Photomontage showing landscape impact of proposed “Birchford House” from public footpath near Kent Lane

How can I make a comment on this application and what can I say?


Photomontage showing appearance from the Banks


2 Responses to photomontages

  1. MARY DOWNING says:

    This is England not America. Talk about ostentatious!!!

  2. David says:

    If this is ostentatious then what is Mountfield Court. Oh sorry I forgot, that is a piece of history and doesn’t count.
    No doubt MC was just as ostentatious before the trees etc. grew and it blended into the background.
    Darvell is a man made landscape. That’s right – man made, the reservoir, the plume from the Gypsum mine, the cottages, the fences, the hedge lines, the field levels that were changed when the reservoir was dug, the pumping stations, the white concrete path to the new Southern Water pumping station, the metal barns, the oast houses that can have been converted, the dam wall.
    Need I go on?
    A well planned development even including a bloody great new manor house would not be out of place if done well and won’t destroy what is undoubtedly a beautiful area. It might even bring some employment to a village that has is dead and dying further as there are no houses for the young people to live in and no employment being created.

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