Current planning hotspots in the Darwell area

Telegraph Point, Coldharbour Farm – establishment of a gypsy / travellers site – a planning appeal decision, made on 17 July 2015, allows two caravans on the site for a period of 3 years, with restrictions.  Read more…

Edlins Farm – There have been two attempts to get planning permisison to build a bungalow here for a “Farm Manager”.  Both were refused, and an appeal was turned down.  Edlins Farm was put up for sale in April 2014 and subsequently withdrawn.  A planning application to turn part of the modern steel-framed barn (erected in 2008) into a “Guest house” was made in May 2015 and withdrawn a few weeks later.  In October 2015, windows were inserted in the barn and in November 2015 a (retrospective) planning application was made for the window insertion.  More information on Edlins Farm.

Baldwins Farmplanning application RR/2012/2343/P – for the building of a vast mansion in a pastiche colonial style in a prominent position overlooking the Darwell reservoir, construction of 6 wooden holiday lodges, renovation of listed building, and major diversion of a public footpath – submitted on 23rd November 2012 -was finally withdrawn on 25th March 2015 after huge local opposition.


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