Valentine Warner - picture ©Jake Gavin - reproduced with permission

Valentine Warner (picture ©Jake Gavin)

“I am passionate about the countryside and the joy is has to offer. We have a duty of care to current and future generations to protect and cherish areas of outstanding natural beauty. If we allow the natural legacy we have inherited to be ravaged and recklessly destroyed it will be gone forever. I support the Save Darwell campaign and urge you to also”Valentine Warner

“I care deeply about nature and the environment. This beautiful part of the country should be treated with respect and as nature’s custodians we should do our utmost to protect it” – Rula Lenska

“The ancient landscape of Darwell is special and loved by all who visit it or live there. Development within it should be designed to complement the natural beauty for all to enjoy, and not spoil this classic piece of Sussex Countryside.” Charles Moore

“We have a duty of care to the environment and everything that lives and grows within it. We must cherish and protect the countryside. If we allow it to be desecrated it will be lost for ever to future generations” – Vic Reeves and Nancy Sorrell

“Having lived locally for many years I know how rich and diverse the environment is in this part of the country. We have an obligation to preserve and respect the natural legacy we have inherited for the benefit of those yet to enjoy it”Ray Mears

“This part of the country is an outstanding area of natural beauty and deserves our admiration, respect and protection. We must work together to preserve it”– Davina McCall

“This part of the country is precious and its rich environment, now more than ever, urgently needs our help, support and care to preserve its glory for generations to come”  – Ian Redmond OBE



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