Telegraph Point, Coldharbour Farm – planning history summary

The site address is Telegraph Point, Coldharbour Farm Estate, Battle Road, Brightling TN21 9LG

It is currently occupied as a gypsy/traveller site.  Three planning appeals concerning this site (two enforcement appeals and one planning appeal) were heard together at a Public Hearing in Bexhill Town Hall on Wednesday 22nd April 2015.

A decision was announced on 17 July 2015.  This allows for the site to be occupied by up to two caravans, for a temporary period of 3 years, ie up to 17 July 2018. This is subject to personal restrictions, ie the permission only applies to two named individuals and their dependents.  The full decision document is here:  TelegraphPointAppealDecision-2015-07-17

The recent planning history is as follows.

In December 2012, a planning application was made for the removal of the named-person  restrictions. If this application had been successful, the site would have become a permanent gypsy/traveller site.

Before Rother DC made a decision about removing the restriction, the applicant used their right to go straight to appeal (to the Bristol-based national Planning Inspectorate).

The appeal was held at a hearing in Bexhill Town Hall on Tuesday 10th December 2013, starting at 10:00am.  About 50 people attended, including members of the Coldharbour Action Group and a representative of Darwell Area Conservation Society.

The appeal was dismissed by the Inspector in a decision that was published on 29 January 2014. 


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